Waterdeep is a massive city in the center of Denoshire. It is a city on top of a city. Seen as a place of opportunity even though there is a heavy class structure to the city, the rich are very rich and getting richer living in the upper part of the city in tall ornate towers, while the poor are living their lives day to day usually working in the different sectors just trying to make enough money for food and drink and their small living quarters in the lower slums. The upper city was built over the top of the old city from before the great war.

It runs from the outer walls. Then into a lightly populated farm land area and gets more densely populated as you get to the inner city.

The biggest concern for Waterdeep is revolts from the sectors which is why they built the massive walls surrounding the city. The other issue is every now and then creatures will wreak havoc in the cities lower areas. No one knows where they come from but they are figured to be leftovers of Hallisters experiments.

Above Ground

Above ground are large buildings made from sandstone, marble, and granite. With a large market area where you can find all the good you would need for living or adventuring. There are also big bulletin boards scattered throughout the town where people will post job listings. To the north of the Central tower there is a big open square where assemblies and parades are held.

The Central Tower is the tallest building in the city it is massive and the main center for many trade unions, guilds, sector leaders, the council guards, other unions, and houses the chambers of the Masked Council of 9

There is also a large university for magic users in Waterdeep. It is a goal for almost all magicians or other magical users to get to attend.

Below Ground

Underneath the city is the slums which is a filled with little huts, bars and houses of ill repute. It is a normal site to see men and women living in the streets washing themselves in the runoff from the sprinklers and toilet water of the city above. The streets are also littered with bums who have drunk too much and have passed out in the gutters in their own vomit.

The lower city is mostly made up of buildings of Waterdeep before the great war. It is only lit by the faint glow of torches and what light does sneak in through the grates in the city above.

Getting around WaterDeep

There is a full slew of taxi and other services for moving around the main center of waterdeep. There are also trains for getting from the inner city to the outer walls.


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