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The World of Ark Terrash

In Game Map – Created by Enk Hrith

Main Lands of the world

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Player Characters

Enk Hrith
Ruskief Zaberclaw (Kire)
Reheban Leyster
Zrahazar Turnuroth “The Illuminator”
Lork Leyke
Epa’ Sayda Kye’ayday

Non Player Characters

  • Ashtar Blenholden – Owners of Adventurers inc. also writes the books of Thorneous the Mighty and keeps detailed writings of past adventurers of other people.
  • Billy – Pretends to be Ashtar for public appearances. Looks like the books describe Thorneous to be but is more like a little kid in real life.
  • Melissa – Owner of a trinket shop in the slums. Had a zombie problem that some adventurer’s came and took care of.
  • Boris – Owner of stables all around waterdeep. Rents horses and carriages to adventures of Adventurers incorp. Larger guy with brown hair about 35 years, old bluish grey eyes. Darker skin tone. Very good craftsman builds and keeps up all the carriages. Large muscles from the horse work and wood working. Has a daughter named Roslyn.
  • Roslyn – Daughter of Boris. Travels with him to all of his stables around town. about 8 years old. Reddish brown hair, Green Eyes, and Lighter skin complexion. Usually wears hair in a way that is will cover the jagged scar that goes from her for head over her right eye and across her cheek. Likes adventurers but is pretty shy during first encounters. Is magical but her father usually yells at her if she uses it out in the open.

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