Ark Terrash

The Heist of the Century or How to Catch a Land Whale

cart rides, axe-birds, and craps

Last time on Ark Terrash

Ashtar and Ruskief got in a large fight about all the drinking and brawling that was happening in the local pubs. Ashtar decided that Ruskief’s services were no longer needed in Adventurers Inc and sent him on his way. Before Ruskief left though Ashtar did give him a clue to follow on where he might be able to find Siberian Husky.

Ashtar had also hired me(Chivoy) as a new Adventurer to the group.

We were given a mission from Ashtar for one of his customers. We were to go to the outer edge of the tropical sector to a town called Perser and talk to a man named Neels who would point us where to pick up a box that we were not to open. Reheban and Zrahazar were sent to the desert sector to look at a mining operation there. But they were to meet us in Perser at Neel’s Place.

After slipping past the guards and leaving the walls of the city, we made camp for the night with a local cart owner / renter named Boris, who rented carts to many adventure groups from Ashtar. Anyway he agreed to lend us a cart if we completed a task for him. The task you ask? To watch over his young adopted daughter who had been found several years ago. The young lady, Roslyn , had immense natural magical powers. So Boris rode away into the forest and we entertained the young girl for an hour or so.

Our entertainment consisted of Lork magnificently shooting an apple into a tree, whilst blindfolded nonetheless. Chivoy throwing an energy spear into the apple, Aoth pole vaulting up the tree to grab and apple, Enk slicing the apple Aoth knocked lose with his acrobatics, and Epa creating some berry bushes and making them bloom. So after the tests were over and some miscellaneous adventures in the night, our troupe was lent a cart and some oxen to travel further into the Tropical Area.

The next day we bid our farewells to Boris and Roslyn and headed further down the road. We stopped at a nearby camp site after a day’s travel and set up camp. Oh also the players took a real time break and ordered some Chinese Food. So after the hunger was conquered, we un-pressed the pause button and resumed the game.

That night we were attacked by a flock of wandering birds that had sharp axe-like beaks. Axe-Birds if you will. A furious battle broke out as we plucked the Axe-Birds off one by one. Lork shot arrows at a few of them. Chivoy tried to cook them with fire, Aoth hid in the shadows and stabbed one in the head, Enk cracked one of them in the leg a few times, and Epa disguised herself as one of the birds to confuse and attack the pack. After a good nights rest and hearty breakfast of Axe-Bird egg omelettes and Axe-Bird steaks, just roll with it it’s totally legit, we headed out once more.

Epa left us at this time to go out exploring into the plains to fulfill some other druid duties, but agreed to meet back up with us at a later time.

This time we stopped by a fancy casino / resort for the super rich and fabulous. Using his alternate identity of Baron Von Wharfington the VI. Lork and crew smooth talked their way into renting the deluxe empire sweet at the top of the casino. We examined the luxurious room and made a plan to pull off an epic casino heist. We returned to the ballroom and feasted on some delicious Chuul meat. They’re like crabs but way bigger. Lork started entertaining a large “Land Whale.” as part of the heist. In actuality, she was the morbidly obese and ugly daughter of a vising king. We’ll call her Shamu. Chivoy also tried to entertain her chambermaid, but didn’t really get far.

We then proceeded to play 2 or 3 rounds of craps using Shamu’s money while Lork continued trying to curry favor with her. After a few more drinks, we met her father who invited us up to his room for a drink. While Lork and Chivoy mingled with the king and his land whale, I mean “daughter,” Aoth worked on his part of the plan which was to set our room ablaze and fake our deaths so we would’t have to pay for the motel room or any fees. Oh yea we also set up a bogus business contract with the king and tricked him into sending, 1500 Platinum , to one of the slums in Waterdeep.

So anyway the plan went off relatively well, Lork received a glorious gilded golden goblet worth about 200 gold from the king, Aoth stole an emerald ashtray and some bottles of extremely marked up wine, Chivoy managed to palm a 10 platinum coin bet off the crap tables during the commotion of the fire and evacuation. (Come on please, it totally fits into the game.) Also Enk went down ahead to secure our oxen cart. So now we are just about ready to jump into the cart and haul ass out of there as fast as possible before any other questions get asked.

Okay so I know that wasn’t super detailed and not completely accurate, but at least its somewhat of a summary of the last episode(s) of Ark Terrash. (Chivoy)

UPDATE: Fixed some of the names and added the beginning tie in otherwise close enough :)


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