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Adventure begins!

The start of the Journey

Our hero’s tale begins in the town of Waterdeep in the land of Denoshire. Coming from different backgrounds and traveling for different reasons, our heroes all made their way to Waterdeep. They were all approached by a strange small man who was offering them to work at a place called “Adventurers Incorp.”
As our heroes made their way to the address on the cards that were given to them by the strange man, they all arrived at different times and for different reasons. Some for adventure, some for food & drink and some for gold. Once at the building (which appeared to be elaborate and beautiful on the outside but not so on the inside) our heroes met the “leader” of the operation named Ashtar who checked them out. As our heroes were gathered into the center of the room for a group photo a lever was pulled opening a trap door they were standing on and our heroes fell into a basement. With a few falling on their face and others landing more gracefully they began to get up off the ground and survey their surroundings, which led them to two unopened doors. The first door opened up into a hallway with a fire burning in the corner and two more doors. They opened a room to the right of them which led them into a dark room full of chittering noises. With torches in hand our adventurers peered into the room and saw swarms of rats on top of barrels of food and drink. They began to move into the room and attack the rats by different means. Ruskief had a jar of oil and torch combo at the ready so the first batch of rats didn’t stand a chance. The other groups were netted, kicked and burned also from the other rats and soon the room was completely cleared of the little vermin. After searching the room for a moment they discovered another door that seemed to only open from the other side of where they were.
After that they began to move back towards the hallway to try the other door. It opened into a medium sized library/laboratory area with workbenches and many book shelves. The first to take interest in the books was Enk Hrith who discovered a book that had a name inside he was searching for. The rest of our adventurers began searching the study and discovered a large wooden chest. Much effort and a lot of brute force went into trying to open the chest but it never opened up. They decided to leave the chest and head into the next room which had sounds of grinding gears coming from it.
Then next room led into a short hallway that opened up into a larger room and our perceptive heroes quickly discovered pressure plates at the end of the hallway. At first they were reluctant to step on them so they decided to throw a chair onto it instead and run away. The plate activated and released a suit of armor that was restrained and it our heroes slowly made their way in trying to avoid the suit of armor’s vision. Soon realizing that it was harmless at the moment, they began to search and explore the room to no end looking for clues or secrets. Ruskief & Lork ended up going down a hallway which led them back to room full of rats with nothing interesting in it. The rest of the adventures found an altar with a armor shoulder resting on a pressure plate. The piece of armor matched the missing shoulder piece on the suit of armor. As they approached it thought the suit of armor seemed to get a little twitchy and didn’t like them being near it. They decided to put a statue they found onto the altar so they could remove the piece of armor and give it back to the suit of armor. He gladly accepted it back and to everyone’s surprise he suddenly went up to the next door that led into the final area of the basement and opened the door with a powerful kick. He then began jumping on different squares as he entered the room and exited through the other side. Our adventures quickly followed by doing the same thing except a few of the less agile people stepped on a spike or two.
Upon reaching the upstairs our heroes stumbled across Ashtar playing with some dolls and Lork proceeded to sneak up to him and scare him by saying “boo!.” They came to find out soon after that that the strange little man was actually the real Ashtar and the other guy was his figure head. Our heroes then began to question Ashtar about a great many things after finding out about that.

From there our heroes were assigned a new task to go clear out a basement for a shop owner named Melissa. Enk and Zrahazar didn’t accompany the party because they had business elsewhere but instead the party met a late adventurer named Epa. She had arrived at the Adventure Incorp. building later then planned so she had missed out on the basement ordeal.
The party decided to head towards their new assigned job and made their way to Melissa’s shop. Upon entering she was more then happy to see new adventures show up to her shop to take care of her problem. Lork was also very happy to see her with a big smug grin on his face. Melissa led our heroes down to her basement and quickly shoved them in and closed the doors behind them. The basement had stairs that led down to a larger room with a roaring fire directly across from the stairs. As our heroes stealthily made their way down the stairs a few of the less agile party members made a bit of noise on the last step and alerted the zombies who were wandering around. Angered that someone was in their area they began to make their way towards the heroes and also to throw boxes at them. Our heroes began to walk back up the stairs while simultaneously shooting arrows at the zombies. Ruskief and Aoth began to lay a trap for the zombies and after that Aoth seemed to trip and fall down to the edge of the stairs. The old man was quick to get up though and dodge a few zombies in the process. Reheban managed to spark a fire arrow and launch a few at the zombies while Ruskief’s trap snatched a zombie of its own. The zombies seemed to keep getting up even after taking such brutal damage from our heroes but this was short lived and they soon perished permanently.
Once all the zombies were dispatched our heroes began to explore the room and search for interesting features. They noticed that the crates that were being thrown at them contained a bunch of novelty statues made by Melissa but upon further inspection they found vials of a strange liquid known as phage. Ruskief quickly grabbed as much as he could and stuffed it into his pack. Lork on the other hand had the bright idea to throw one of the vials into the roaring fire at the end of the room. The vial exploded into a puff of smoke and Lork was knocked onto his back. He experienced a vision of a great battle with many dead soldiers and tons of blood flowing everywhere. Our heroes then investigated the fire and found that it was actually a gas fire and they turned it off to investigate behind it. To their surprise they found a secret laboratory with many beakers and tubes probably used for creating illegal substances. There also was a tunnel that led away from the room. While most of the heroes were exploring all this, Melissa had started to make her way down to see if the adventures had gotten rid of the zombies. Realizing that they might be discovered of snooping, Lork was quick to try to distract her and asked to see her marvelous collection of figures upstairs. This didn’t last very long though because Lork just couldn’t seem to woe the girl with his amazing charismatic skills. She made her way back down and found the heroes waiting for her. They began to question her about all the stuff that they had discovered (the secret lab, the boxes of phage) and she quickly broke down and told them the truth. She said that she was being forced to smuggle the phage into the city and it was all a master plan of Lolth.
After the events of Melissa’s shops our heroes made their way back to Adventure Incorp.


Good write up only thing I had to modify was you found the shoulder piece not the glove on the armor :).

Adventure begins!
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