On the other side of the northeast mountain range from DenoShire. It is a wild place full of misfits of all races. There is one larger port city on the east coast called Millunta. Otherwise there are cities of all sizes mostly near bodies of water or in the forests next to the mountains. The outlands have no major ruling body, it is a free for all. There the Dembek forest from the mountains until the Ketsk River that splits the outlands in half from north to south. East of the river there is the large Killarna desert until you hit the coast and it starts to green up again.

Notable locations

  • Millunta- is said to be a city of thieves, and politicians it is known as the place where you can find anything you could want and lose everything you ever needed. It is also a major trading post for the rest of the world due to its central location.


Varies from moderate climate of the forests to the sweltering heat of the desert interior depends on where you are.

Predominant Races

  1. In the east you can find most any race
  2. In the forests you will find mostly Orcs, Elves, Kobolds, Humans, Gnomes


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