Relatively peaceful area that seems to have at least one of every race represented. Lies in a valley surrounded on all sides by mountains. Divided into 8 distinct sectors all with their own special landscapes and climates.

The sectors surround the one major city/trading hub named Waterdeep.

Denoshire is ruled over by the “Masked Council of 9” one member from each district and a head chair from within the city of Waterdeep itself. No one knows who exactly all the members are as they wear masks at all times when meeting.

Within the last 100 years or so the trade routes out through the mountains have been overrun by spiders and other creatures effectively locking in everyone who currently lives there.

The mountains that surround Denoshire are the Denitharo Mountain Range.

Entering Denoshire

There are ways to get in and out of Denoshire.

  • You can make a deal with the thiefs guild and they will smuggle you through the spiders blockade but it will not come cheap.
  • The drows will ferry people through the cave systems into and out of Denoshire but they will require a favor in return, they will not tell you what the favor is until they ask it and you must complete this job for them or be forever hunted.
  • Dwarves are able to get in and out through the tunnel systems if they have approval from their leaders but will not let anyone else use these tunnels.
  • Others have just made the trip solo or in small groups but many have been caught and devoured by the spiders. Anyway it goes it is not an easy trip and it is one filled with the very real possibility of death.


  1. Water
  2. Forest
  3. Fire
  4. Tundra
  5. Tropical
  6. Desert
  7. Swamp
  8. Arctic


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