Ark Terrash

8/2/2015 Highlights

Highlights for this adventure:

-Borris and Roslin’s house was under attack and destroyed
-An army of flying machines from Laputa attacked Borris and Roslin
-The heroes showed up along with other Adventures inc people and tried to help by firing a balista at the small air ships, others fired arrows and magic at them.
-While the party tried to fight a group of survivors from a crashed ship, a much larger “mother” ship slowly approached Borris’s house. It made it there and captured what appeared to be Roslin.
-During the fight our hereos took a beating and Aoth almost died. He pulled through with some help and was back up on his feet. They did manage to kill a few and steal the downed airship the soldiers had been using.
-With this new airship they fixed it up and plan on using it to go to the city of Laputa and rescue Roslin.


midpipps taylor_wynn_31

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